Thai by Chef Jay Huang 5.17.13


Thai by Chef Jay Huang 5.17.13

swoop_house_jay_huang_citygram_chris_perez_96Guest Chef Jay Huang got his start in the culinary world as a senior at UT when he became a part time sushi chef at Benihana. He graduated with a degree in Neurobiology but was led away from academia by a passion food. He learned the art of sushi under sushi-master Shibazaki-san and joined Uchi in its infancy. Jay worked under Tyson Cole and rose through the ranks to become sous chef. He has interned at top restaurants including L20, Blue Hill and Corton and has traveled extensively in Asia, learning Chinese while sampling local dishes and increasing his knowledge of Taiwanese, Philippino, and Chinese dishes. He enjoys cooking with traditional ingredients while infusing modern culinary innovations and modern gastronomy.


Hors D’Oeuvres

Cucumber Noodle Salad
Cilantro, Peanut, Pulled Chicken

Cobia Cakes
Red Curry, Sweet Potato Chip

Lemongrass Beef
Egg “Noodles”, Black Sesame

Gulf Blue Crab
Green Mango Salad

Tom Kha
Chicken in an Aromatic Coconut Milk Broth

Pad Thai
Poached Farm Egg

Pan Fried Cobia

Red Curry Beef
Coconut Tempura Onion Rings

Tropical Tapioca Custard
Mango Sorbet & Sweet Basil





swoop_house_jay_huang_citygram_chris_perez_120photos by Chris Perez of Citygram

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