Supper Friends 8.3.15: Mexican Summer Supper



Supper Friends 8.3.15: Mexican Summer Supper


Chef Claudia was prepping all day in the kitchen for this feast. An amazing feat in this hot weather. The highlight of this meal were the stuffed squash blossoms. Each blossom was stuffed with goat cheese, hand breaded, and fried to a crispy perfection. Then they were put over a bed of arugula and covered in a citrus-honey vinaigrette. Spicy arugula when mixed with creamy goat cheese and a hint of sweet honey, was hard to beat. It was also especially refreshing. Austin has been in the hundred for the last few days and this menu was a welcome relief, also including bright, citrusy ceviche, shrimp stuffed chile relleno, and a spongy tres leche cake with seasonal berries.



hors d’oeuvres

Snapper Ceviche (GF)
tostada, mezcal, chai seeds

Lamb (GF)
sopecitas, black beans, avocado

Mushroom & Eggplant Empanada (V) (GF)
salsa verde


Crunchy Squash Blossom (V)(GF)
arugula, goat cheese, honey-orange vinaigrette, toasted pepitas


Chile Relleno stuffed with grilled shrimp (GF)
tomato & tequila sauce, pomegranate seeds


Tamal Zacahuil (GF)
pork in adobo sauce, wrapped in banana leaf, homemade masa


Tres Leches
fresh picked strawberries

IMG_1287 IMG_1292