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Supper Friends 7.24.15: Nostalgic Comfort

Supper Friends 7.24.15: Nostalgic Comfort The Supper Friends staff was able to coax comfort food extraordinaire Ricky Olmedo, out of the office and into the kitchen for last weeks supper. Ricky is currently holding down the fort as 2 Dine 4 Fine Catering’s general manager, and previously worked as our executive chef. Ricky grew up cooking with…

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Strawberry Fields 4.9.15

Strawberry Fields 4.9.15 Chef Adam Wetherington created an inventive and playful menu for tonight’s supper using a single, uniting ingredient, farm fresh Texas strawberries. The strawberries in Texas this season are some of the best we’ve had in years and Adam definitely made expert use of them, creating both savory and sweet dishes for our…

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