Who We Are

What is Supper Friends?

Supper Friends is one of the most unique dining experiences in Austin. We offer multi-course plated dinners created by the chefs of 2 Dine 4 Fine Catering and a talented roster of guest chefs. We host our dinners at the Swoop House, a lovingly-restored abode that is perfect for dining & socializing. We typically begin with appetizers at 7:00 PM and finish up with dessert and coffee around 10:30 PM

We sell wine & beer from a carefully curated list administered by Greg Randle, CWE. The food and wine we serve not only complement each other but inspire one another, making the selection and interplay of the food and wine an integral part of the evening’s dining experience.

The Supper Friends staff is devoted to enhancing the dining experience of our guests with meticulous attention to detail, expert wine pairing, and an extensive knowledge of the menu.

The Swoop House seats 32 guests total so we encourage you to reserve seats as soon as the menu is posted−− to secure your spot with us for the evening!

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About our wine: Our house list includes bottles from acclaimed vineyards and reserves from lesser-known regions and winemakers. We treat our bottles with the utmost care and dignity, housing them in temperature-controlled wine cabinets and serving them at the optimal temperature.



Supper Friends notes for our guests:

On tipping: The price of each ticket includes tax & 20% gratuity. We graciously accept additional gratuity if your experience warrants it.

On cell phones: Supper Friends is about reviving the lost art of conversation, and we politely ask you to step outside for any calls.

On children: As much as we love the little ones, Supper Friends is for adults 21 and up. However, we periodically host kid-friendly events and will promote them as such in the event       listings on our calendar.

On fixed menus: Before making your reservation, please read the menu & make sure that everything we’re serving will suit your dietary preferences. We are unable to make dietary             accommodations unless they are listed as part of the menu.

On Our Cancellation Policy: Reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE. However once a seat is purchased, it can be transferred to another person for the same supper. If you arrange for someone to take your seat, please let us know so that we can update the name at your place setting.



Media/Photographers: Supper Friends is a one-of-a-kind event that we love to remember and share through photographs. For photographers, we reserve a complimentary seat at our bar, the perfect perch for catching the food, action & ambiance. To inquire about this trade opportunity, please send your information and samples of your work to info@swoopevents.com

Making Reservations for Supper Friends: Browse our upcoming events on our CALENDAR and follow the prompts to reserve your seats.


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