Supper Friends 10.8.15 – Fresh & Breezy Supper


Supper Friends 10.8.15 – Fresh & Breezy Supper

It’s October and the last dregs of summer are upon us. This being Texas the weather has yet to fall below 90 degrees and Austinites are still swimming and enjoying everything Austin has to offer. This menu was written by Chef Richard Larsen and Chef Happy Abdelbaki to celebrate the last of summer. Chef Richard steered the direction of the menu, focusing on healthy and lighter fare, a throwback to his days at Whole Foods.

We were lucky enough to host Carli Kiene and her husband Johnny, the talented photographers of Inked Fingers ( They creative duo provided us with the lovely photos from the night. The highlight of the meal was the beautiful crab stuffed avocado, which contrasted beautifully with the stark white of the dinner plate.

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